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Interesting Facts About Our Coconut Deodorant!

ECO by Sonya DRIVER.. Australian Certified Organic.

Deodorant kills bacteria in the sweat to mask the odour whilst allowing your body to release toxins.

* Our deodorant uses organic & natural ingredients

* Coconut deodorant allows the body to release toxins naturally, while keeping you dry

*Antiperspirant stops sweating by using aluminium to block the pores (no aluminium in our deodorant)

*Aluminium in the bloodstream has been linked to breast cancer

* Switching from antiperspirant to our coconut deodorant will incur a detox stage where your body rids itself of the toxins, aluminium & parabens (this is completely normal) 

* Unisex and it works!

Why wait to make the change order our deodorant today!

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